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Motorcycle Insurance



Few things symbolize freedom more than a breathtaking ride on a motorcycle. Protect yourself and your investment with a motorcycle insurance coverage policy. T.M. Ryder Insurance Agency,is ready to help secure the right motorcycle insurance coverage policy for you.

Available motorcycle insurance coverage

Similar to auto insurance, motorcycle (or bike) insurance can cover you and your ride. Whether your bike is your daily driver or your weekend toy, T.M. Ryder Insurance Agency can find the right motorcycle insurance coverage policy that will cover you and your motorcycle from headlight to tail light.

T.M. Ryder Insurance Agency can help you find:

  • The right liability coverage, which is required here in Massachusetts. This policy pays for another person’s medical bills or property damage cost if you are found at fault for an accident while on your motorcycle.
  • The right collision coverage, which can help pay for repairs or replacement in the event your motorcycle is damaged in a collision.
  • Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage that fits your bike and your budget. This provides additional protection in the event your motorcycle is damaged by fire, theft, or vandalism. In situations like these, a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy may be able to pay for repairs or replacement.
  • Additional coverage that will protect you in the event you are hit by an underinsured or uninsured motorist.

A few things to remember about motorcycle insurance

  • Even if your motorcycle is in storage, you should still maintain your motorcycle insurance coverage policy. Unfortunately, things can happen even while your bike is stored away for the season. Always prepare for the unexpected and keep your policy active year-round.
  • There are discounts available to help you lower your motorcycle insurance rate, including participating in qualifying Motorcycle Safe Driving programs. As always, T.M. Ryder Insurance Agency will work to find the lowest rates for you.
  • Finally, note that guests that are riding on your bike are also covered in your policy. Make sure you ask one of our agents for further details.

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